A SCHOOLBOY devastated his local play area was wrecked by vandals has offered to raid his piggy bank to help pay for it to be repaired.

Six-year-old Thomas Webb and his pals are no longer able to play on the equipment in Suffolk Close Park after arsonists set it on fire at the end of September.

Now the youngster has offered to donate all the money he has been saving and collecting in his piggy bank over the past three years towards the repair bill.

Thomas, who is a pupil at Masefield Primary School, said: "The naughty boys ruined my favourite play area and I cannot play there with my friends anymore so I wanted to give my money to help repair it.

"We used to play there every day. I don't know how much I have got but it is very heavy."

Arsonists targeted the play area on September 29, with the blaze ripping through the children's climbing frame and damaged the safety flooring in the play area, putting it out of action for children.

The arson attack was the third incident to have occurred in Little Lever in as many days.

Thomas's proud mum Lorraine said: "The park is behind where we live and on the way back from school we would stop there and he would play with his friends and parents would chat with each other.

“He loves it at the park and can't understand why anybody would do that.

"He sees the park when we walk to school, and when he saw it again he said he wanted to give all his pennies he has been saving to repair the park.”

Mrs Webb said the whole family, including dad David and 21-year-old sister Lauren, were proud of him.

She said: "We were all choked — everyone said it was so sweet.

“He is always offering to give his money to good causes.

“Most young people are good and caring, and do want to help."

Local councillor Sean Hornby said: “I am humbled by the kind offer of little Thomas Webb who has offered his pocket money out of his piggy bank to repair the park at Suffolk Close Little Lever which was set on fire.

“I want to visit this young child and give him an assurance that the park will be repaired as soon as possible.

“The parts have been ordered but there is no delivery date yet for the completion.”

He added: “It’s annoying when the council are having to spend this kind of money when it could have been spent elsewhere in the community.”