Tuesday, December 8

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their Annual Christmas prize show and sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night, when an entry of 3,012 sheep were forward, consisting of 2,548 prime lambs & 464 cast ewes and rams Topping the sale at £155 (344.40p/kg) were the Overall Champion pair of lambs consigned by D Alderson, East Lowfields, Bowes, which were bought by Vivers Scotlamb.

The Reserve Champion was a pair of 48.5kg Beltex x Lambs consigned by D & C E Marston, Easegill Head which were purchased by N & J Dowding Butchers, Appleby for £118 (245.80p/kg) The judging was professionally & efficiently carried out by Mr D Findlay, Middleham who had a truly outstanding show of lambs out in front of him.

The show was kindly sponsored by Solway and Tyne Texel Breeder Club, The Beltex Society, Dugdale Nutrition and Bridgedale Nutrition Ltd.

The best quality export weighted lambs were a flying trade with pens of these regularly selling for between 245 & 285 p/kg Awards 2 Lambs sired by a Texel Ram 1st J C Bainbridge & Sons, Bonnygate – (47.4kg) £94 C L & C Steadman 2nd K Porteous, Bolton Grange Cottage – (49kg) £99 to C L & C Steadman 3rd M T P & S D Wills, Fawcett Park – (50kg) £91 to Castlebank Butchers 2 Lambs sired by a Beltex Ram 1st & Champion, winning the Croglin Castle Perpetual Cup – D Alderson, East Lowfields – (45.5kg) £155 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd 2nd & Reserve Champion – D & CE Marston, Easegill Head – (48.5kg) £118 to N & J Dowding 3rd J S & J O Dodd, West View – (51lg) £100 to G A Cropper 2 Continental x, Down x, Cheviot x or Lleyn Lambs 1st JS & JO Dodd, West View (Texel x) – (45.5kg) £104.80 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd 2nd RE & S Williamson, Littleburn (Dutch Texel) – (41kg) £113.80 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd 3rd RE & S Williamson, Littleburn (Dutch Texel) – (43kg) £90 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd 10 Mule Lambs 1st S Allan & Sons, Greenhow – (50kg) £71 to G A Slack 2nd D E & A M Hodgson, Green Farm – (52.5kg) £71.30 A Atkinson Livestock Ltd 3rd J W & C R Birbeck, High Stennerskeugh – (50kg) £68.30 to Dunbia (Preston) 10 Swaledale, Dales Bred, Rough Fell, Blackface or Herdwick Lambs 1st JM & AM Morland, Starrah (Blackface) – (45.5kg) £68.30 to D Morland 2nd HW & J Birkbeck, Castle Hill (Blackface) – (43kg) £64.30 to Dunbia (Preston) 3rd JM & AM Morland, Starrah (Blackface) – (46.5kg) £68.30 to A Atkinson Livestock Ltd Pen of 5 Lambs, Any Breed (not to have been shown in any other class) 1st D & C E Marston, Easegill Head (Beltex) – 43.5kg) £104.80 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd 2nd M E & D M Boustead, High Lane (Beltex) – (39kg) £87.80 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd 3rd RE & S Williamson, Littleburn (Beltex) – (40kg) £94.80 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd Pen of 10 Polled or Lowland Lambs (37.9kgs or less) 1st ME&DM Boustead, High Lane (Beltex) – (35kg) £86.80 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd 2nd RE & S Williamson, Littleburn (Beltex) – (37.5kg) £101.30 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd 3rd GN Robinson, Trainriggs (Beltex) – (38kg) £71.80 to Vivers Scotlamb Ltd 5 or more Polled or Lowland Ewes 1st RL & LE Kendal, Outgang (Texel) - £90 to Yorkshire Halal Meats Ltd 2nd J A Noble, Stoney Head (Mules) - £60.50 to Yorkshire Halal Meats Ltd 3rd RL & LE Kendal, Outgang (Texel) - £84.50 to Yorkshire Halal Meats Ltd 5 or more Horned Ewes 1st T E Clarke, Howgill Castle (Swaledale) - £59.50 to G A Slack 2nd RL & LE Kendal, Outgang (Rough Fell) - £56.50 to Yorkshire Halal Meats Ltd 3rd N C Dodd, Flakebridge (Rough Fell) - £66.50 to G A Slack Principle Prices Prime Lambs p/kg – Beltex 344p East Lowfields; 285.60p, 273.80p, 252p, 237p Littleburn Farm; 267p, 244.40p Ash Garth; 257.40p Birch Bush; 250p West View; 248.40p Trainriggs; 248.30 Bolton Grange Cottage; 249p High Lane; 246.50p Fawcett Park; 245.80p, 243.70p Easegill Head; 235.60p, 232.10p Terrys Farm. Dutch Texel 277.60p, 209.30p Littleburn Farm. Texel 232p West View; 230.50p Lansmere; 217.70p Littleburn Farm; 212.30p Hall Farm; 202p Bolton Grange Cottage; 200p Bonnygate. Suffolk 194.50p Town Farm; 156.40p Bolton Grange Cottage. Rouge 173.50p West View. Charollais 166.70p Littleburn Farm. Mules 151.90p Easegill Head; 150.70p Grains O Beck. Blackface 151.80p, 150.70p Starrah. Swaledale 144.90p Glebelands; 144.90p, 143.40p, 142.70p, 140.90p, 140.80p Hoggarths; 144.50p High Birk Hatt; 140.50p High Street. Rough Fell 135.90p Ghyll Bank Prime Lambs per head - Beltex £155 East Lowfields; £118, £104.80, £96, £95 Easegill Head; £111.80 Trainriggs; £106, £100 Fawcett Park. £105, £100 (x2), West View West View; £102.80, £101.30, £100.80, £94.80 (x2), £93.80 Littleburn; £101.80 Bolton Grange Cottage; £99.80 Terrys Farm; £98.80, £95.30, £94.80, £91.80 Ash Garth; £97.80 Row End; £97.80 Birch Bush; £97 Bonnygate; £94.80, £91.30 Town Farm; £94.80 Castle Hill; £92.80 Stoneriggs. Dutch Texel £113.80, £90 Littleburn Farm. Texel £104.80, £85 West View; £99 Bolton Grange Cottage; £95.80 Littleburn Farm; £94 Bonnygate; £91 Fawcett Park; £90 Crossfell House; £88 Town Farm; £85.30, £80.80 Lansmere; £84 Easegill Head; £82.80 Green Gill Farm; £82.80 (x2) Hall Farm; £82.80 Birch Bush; £81.80 Bolton Grange; £80 Sawbridge Hall. Bluefaced Leicester £94.80 Park House (Metcalf). Rouge £85 West View. Suffolk £80 Terrys Farm; £77.80 Town Farm; £75 Whins Farm; £73.30 Bolton Grange; £71.80 Blades Field Farm; £70.80 Brough Castle. Mules £76.80 Birch Bush; £71.30 Sowerthwaite; £71.30 Green Farm; £71 Greenhow; £70.80, £70.30 Gillses Charollais £75 Littleburn Farm; £75 (x3) Whins Farm. Blackface £68.30 (x2) Starrah; £64.30 Castle Hill. Cheviot £64.80 Bents. Rough Fell £63.80, £53 Ghyll Bank; £52.80 Ellergill (Steadman). Swaledale £62.30, £58.80, £56.30 Hoggarths; £62.30 Glebelands; £57.80 High Bik Hatt; £55.80 High Stennerskeugh; £55 Knott Hill Farm; £55, £54.80 High Street; £54.80 The Croft; £54.30 Dousgill. Jacob £55.80 Carpool Cast Ewes – Texel £90, £84.50 Outgang; £85.50, £80.50 Church Farm; £79.50 Stoney Head; £77.50 Fair View. Bluefaced Leicester £80.50, £72.50 Town Head (Barker). Suffolk £80.50 Stoney Head; £74 Ascot House. Lleyn £78.50 Whingill. Beltex £78.50 Ascot House. Cheviot £77.50 Fawcett Park. Rough Fell £66.50 Flakebridge; £62.50 Ellergill (Steadman); £56.50 Outgang. Mule £64.50, £62.50 Carpool; £63.50, £60.50 Stoney Head; £62.50 Thorneyscale; £61.50 The Park Wall. Swaledale £50.50 Howgill Castle; £57.50 Weardale Estates; £56.50 Barras; £56.50, £55.50 The Park Wall; £56.50 Town Head (Barker); £55.50 Fawcett Park; £51.50 Glebelands; £51.50 Low Farm; £50.50 Marshes Gill Cast Rams – Bluefaced Leicester £110 Whingill; £104.50 Stoneriggs; £80 Weardale Estates; £76.50 Swathburn. Texel £90 Stoneriggs; £79.50 Gaisgill Row; £75.50 Low Farm. Beltex £65 Littleburn Farm. Swaledale £54.50 Gaisgill Row

Harrison & Hetherington held their Annual Christmas Prize Show & Sale of Prime Cattle on Tuesday night when one of the best & largest entries was on offer.

Topping the sale at £2,021.25 (385 p/kg) was the overall Champion which was a smart 525kg Limousin x heifer from Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside which was bought by Messrs Huck, Austwick, Lancaster.

The reserve champion was a 631kg Limousin x Heifer consigned by Messrs Dodd, West View and purchased by Messrs Harrison, Grange Hall for £1,893 (300p/kg) The show which was very kindly sponsored by Eden Farm Supplies (Brough) Ltd, CL & C Steadman Butchers, Kirkby Stephen and The North West Limousin Cattle Breeders Association was ably judged by Mr J Mellin & Miss C Cropper who had a top quality show of cattle to place.

Trade for all cattle was flying bucking the current national trend.

10 Heifers sold averaged 298.33p/kg (£1,688.11).

An overall sale average of 273.87p/kg (£1.592.25) was achieved Awards Prime Limousin cross Heifer 1st & Champion winning the Kirkby Stephen Tradesman’s Perpetual Cup, The Raymond Brown Memorial Trophy & the North West Limousin Club Tankard M/s. G Sowerby, Terrys Farm – (525kg) 385p ((£2021.25) to K & G J Huck 2nd & Reserve Champion winning The North West Limousin Club Tankard J S & J O Dodd, West View – (631kg) 300p (£1,893) to AJ & FM Harrison 3rd H W & J Birkbeck, Castle Hill – (488kg) 285p (£1,422.15) to C L & C Steadman Prime British Blue cross Heifer 1st - Messrs H W & J Birkbeck, Castle Hill – (571kg) 335p (£1.912.85) to J C & J White, Rigg Farm 2nd M/s. G Sowerby, Terrys Farm – (560kg) 245p £1,372) to A Atkinson Livestock Ltd Prime Bullock 1st G Tunstall, Prospect House – (566kg) 230p (£1,301.80) to Castlebank Butchers 2nd R L & L E Kendal, Outgang – (649kg) 220p (1,427.80) to Highgate Butchers 3rd R L & L E Kendal, Outgang – (630kg) 225 (£1,417.50) to Highgate Butchers Best Beast within 6 Miles of Mart winning the G N Robinson Memorial Perpetual Cup Messrs H W & J Birkbeck, Castle Hill Principle Prices Prime Cattle Price Per Kilo Heifers Limousin 385p Terrys Farm; 345p, 285p Castle Hill; 300p West View; 285p Prospect House; 265p Low Bank End; 240p Stripes Farm British Blue 335p Castle Hill; 245p Terrys Farm Steers Limousin 230p Prospect House; 225p Outgang British Blue230p Glebe Farm; 220p Outgang Prime Cattle Price Per Head Heifers Limousin £2.021.25 Terrys Farm; £1,893 West View; £1,811.25, £1,422.15 Castle Hill; £1,664.40 Prospect House; £1,603.25 Low Bank End; £1,492.80 Stripes British Blue £1,912.85 Castle Hill; £1,372 Terrys Farm Steers British Blue £1,427.80 Outgang; £1,359.30 Glebe Farm Limousin £1,417.50 Outgang; £1,301.80 Prospect Farm