A FAITH trail to help people from differing religions learn about other beliefs will be held on Tuesday.

The Bolton Interfaith Council is holding one its regular walks to promote community cohesion and provide information on the history, beliefs and key locations of Christians, Muslims and Hindus.

The walk will take in the Zakariyya Mosque, in Derby St, the Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple in Deane Road, and the Anglican Emmanuel Church in Vicarage Street.

Volunteers from the Bolton Interfaith Council work to help hundreds of school children get to grips with Bolton’s different cultures and religions every year, and the faith trails are a major part of their work.

It is a registered charity and was formed in 1993 to promote harmony between the differing cultures across the borough.

Other parts of the interfaith council's work include its involvement in the recent Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations and helping to diffuse community tensions arising from protests by the English Defence League.

Chan Parmar, from the Bolton Interfaith Council, said: "Visiting places of worship of other faiths is a good way of enhancing your knowledge, getting to know more about people and their faiths.

"Hopefully this helps us to understand one another in a diverse community and to share the commonness which exists between our faiths. Faith trails play a vital part in community cohesion and getting rid of wrong perceptions.

"With support from our faith group colleagues, Bolton CVS and Barclays, Bolton Interfaith Council has arranged this special visit and also an opportunity at the end to share refreshments."

The trail will arrive at the mosque at 9.30am, at the temple at 11am and the church at 12.30pm with people invited to enjoy refreshments following the walk.

For more information visit boltoninterfaithcouncil.org.uk, and anyone interested in attending is asked to register by calling 01204 546110 or emailing chan@boltoninterfaithcouncil.org.uk