EGYPTIAN treasures from Bolton Museum are on show in a major new exhibition in London.

Artefacts from Bolton’s collection appear alongside those from six other museums in London’s Two Temple Place’s Beyond Beauty: Transforming the Body in Ancient Egypt.

Many of the artefacts on display came from the same archaeological excavations and featured alongside are the fascinating stories of how they came to be the UK. More than 100 treasures from Bolton's collection – including coffins and containers – are on show.

Beyond Beauty is curated by Egyptologist Dr Margaret Serpico. She said: “ I have always been amazed by the many wonderful artefacts in these collections, objects that I wished could be seen by wider audiences."

Cllr John Byrne, Bolton Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Youth and Sport, said: “Bolton Museum’s Egyptology collection is one of the most significant in the UK, with more than 15,000 artefacts, and we are often approached to loan some of the more pertinent items.

"We are extremely proud of our collection and delighted to be able to raise its profile on a wider stage via exhibitions such as Beyond Beauty at Two Temple Place, London. People continue to be fascinated by ancient Egypt and this exhibition offers an insight into ancient Egyptian concepts of beauty. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see among over 100 objects from Bolton Museum, two coffins, finely carved depictions of high officials, and cosmetic containers in rare wood and ivory.

"These objects are important because they illustrate the importance the ancient Egyptians put on appearance in both this life and the next."

Ian Trumble, Chairman of Bolton Archaeology and Egyptology Society said: "Bolton Museum is by far the largest lender to this exhibition, which is a great opportunity to show off our more of Bolton’s incredible collection.

"After an international trip it’s fitting that these objects go on show in our capital, helping to further raise the profile of Bolton’s treasures. Bolton’s contribution covers the full stretch of Egyptian history, from predynastic to the Coptic period and includes objects such as necklaces, make-up pots, statuettes and clothing."

He said his favourite pieces included a group of colourful necklace pieces in the shape different fruit dating from the New Kingdom (1550 - 1295 BC), an intricately woven red woollen tunic piece dating from the Coptic period (AD 395 – 642) and the footcase of a cartonnage mummy case decorated with a rather detailed pair of feet dating from the Roman Period (30 BC - AD 395).

Mr Trumble added: "The exhibition is in a truly stunning building. Two Temple Place is a work of beauty in itself. The amazing gothic mansion is a rather apt venue for this Egyptian exhibition, having recently featured in the ITV’s Downton Abbey, given that Downton Abbey aka Highclere Castle was the home of Tutankhamun’s tomb excavation funder, Lord Carnarvon."

The exhibition runs until April 24. Visit for more information.