Seven giant scratchcards have been put on billboards in Bolton and elsewhere in Greater Manchester to get the Bible message across.

People are being asked to find the missing word from a headline featuring a biblical story in The Riddle of Life competition run by the Bible Society.

The riddles are being advertised on hundreds of billboards and bus shelters as well as on trams, buses, taxis and even beer mats.

Those who solve all seven riddles stand the chance of winning £7,000 for a good cause based in the Greater Manchester area.

And anyone stumped in the competition could seek out the answers on the seven scratchcard billboards placed in Bolton, Bury, Rochdale, Oldham, Tameside, Manchester and Salford.

These will be ceremonially scratched with a giant 2p piece to reveal the answers over the course of the next few days.

Sue Green, a spokeswoman for the competition, said: "By putting the Bible in this form, we're trying to show that once you scratch its surface, it's full of everyday stories that still strike a chord today.

She added: "The competition offers people the chance to have fun, learn a little something about the Bible - and maybe even help a charity of their choice into the bargain.

"It's all based around the biblical principle that it's better to give than to receive."