A NEW survey has revealed the best and worst GP practices in Bolton, according to patients.

The England-wide survey GP Patient Survey asked patients about a range of performance areas at their surgeries including waiting times, ease of making appointment, quality of GPs and nurses, opening times, and overall experience.

Out of the 16,928 questionnaires sent out to patients under the NHS Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group, 5,293 were completed, just 31 per cent.

The survey rated Kirby-Crompton Health Centre, in Crompton Way, as the top surgery in town with 97 per cent of respondents reporting a good overall experience, while Deane Medical Centre, in Deane Road, came bottom of the table with a rating of just 64 per cent.

Collectively, 86 per cent of residents rated Bolton CCG's practices as either very good or good, with 31 of the surgeries achieving ratings above or at the national average of 85 per cent and the Greater Manchester average of 84.9 percent.

Dr Stephen Liversedge, clinical director for primary care and health improvement at NHS Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group, said: "The results of the latest GP patient survey are great news for Bolton.

"Our practices score very highly in comparison to Greater Manchester and national averages, especially when it comes to getting through on the phone, satisfaction with opening hours, overall experience, and whether patients would recommend their practice to others.

"Of course, we know there is room for improvement, which is why NHS Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group will be continuing the Bolton Quality Contract next financial year.

"This popular initiative has already delivered 60,000 more appointments and same day assessment for children, following a £3.4 million investment by the CCG.”

Bolton GP practices have proved the easiest to get hold of in the whole of Greater Manchester, with 76.7 per cent of people finding it easy to get through to a practice on the phone, compared to 70.6 per cent in Greater Manchester and 70.4 percent nationally, while Bradford Street Surgery receptionist came out on top with100 per cent of patients finding them helpful.

Practices fell below the national average of being able to make an appointment, with just 74.5 per cent satisfied compared to 85 per cent nationally and 35 per cent thought they waited too long to be seen, compared to 60 per cent who were satisfied.

An encouraging 92 per cent had confidence and trust in their GP, with both Egerton and Dunscar Health Centre, in Bromley Cross, and Cornerstone Surgery, in Chorley Old Road, scoring a high 99 percent.

Confidence and trust with nurses was slightly lower but on the national average of 84 percent.

Bolton also beat Greater Manchester on satisfaction with opening hours at a 78.7 percent approval rating, compared to 75.6 percent in the rest of Manchester and 74.8 percent nationally.

Here are the list Bolton's practices rated by overall experience, running from top to bottom:

Kirby-Crompton Health Centre: 97%

Egerton/Dunscar Health Centre: 96%

Cornerstone Surgery: 96%

Mandalay Medical centre: 96%

Olive Family Practice: 95%

Great Lever Health Centre 1: 95%

Walmsley-Crompton Health Centre: 95%

Dalefield Surgery: 95%

Bradford Street Surgery: 94%

Pikes Lane 1: 94%

Great Lever Practice: 93%

Lever Chambers 1: 93%

Tonge fold Health Centre: 93%

Pikes Lane 2: 92%

Halliwell Surgery 3: 92%

Kearsley Medical Centre: 92%

Kildonan House: 91%

Harwood Medical Centre: 90%

Heaton Medical Centre: 89%

Halliwell Surgery 1: 89%

The Dunstan Partnership: 89%

Orient House Medical Centre: 88%

Spring View Medical Centre: 88%

Burnside Surgery: 88%

Spring House Surgery: 88%

Charlotte Street Surgery: 87%

Edgworth Medical Centre: 87%

Stable Fold Surgery: 87%

Beehive Surgery: 86%

Halliwell Surgery 2: 86%

Deane Clinic 1: 85%

Wyresdale Road Surgery: 84%

The Alastair Ross Medical Practice: 84%

Bolton Medical Centre: 83%

Shanti Medical centre: 83%

Farnworth Health Centre 1: 83%

St Helen's Road Practice: 83%

Al Fal Medical Group: 82%

Unsworth Group Practice: 82%

3D Medical Centre: 81%

Dr Malhotra and Partners: 81%

Bolton General practice: 80%

Lever Chambers 2: 79%

Bolton Community Practice: 77%

Little Lever Health Centre 1: 77%

Swan Lane Medical Centre: 76%

Farnworth health Centre 2: 73%

Little Lever Health Centre 2: 72%

Stonehill Medical Centre: 71%

Deane Medical Centre: 64%