BOLTON West MP Chris Green has confirmed that he will be voting for the UK to leave the European Union in the referendum on June 23.

The Conservative MP, who took his seat last May has described the prospect of becoming an independent sovereign state as a “positive moment for Britain.”

He blasted the European Union for rejecting the chance to reform and said the UK should now look to “make its own way in the world.”

Mr Cameron has confirmed that the in/out referendum will be held on June 23 and said he will campaign with “all his heart” for vote to stay in.

He returned from lengthy negotiations in Brussels with an agreement that he believes will give the UK special status in the EU, with measures to tackle migrants claiming benefits as well as exempting the country from the drive for  “ever closer union.”

But Mr Green said the deal on the table is not enough and criticised EU chiefs for failing to recognise the need to change.

He said: “Over the past few days, especially with all the heads of state in one place, there was a real opportunity for serious reform and for the EU to come to the conclusion that things within it are failing at the moment and in need of radical change — but they haven’t taken that opportunity, they have rejected it.

“It is clear to me that the European Union will not reform and so I believe the United Kingdom should once again become an independent sovereign state.

“We can have a fantastic relationship with the European Union but we can also forge our own relationships with the United States, with Canada and Australia.”

The Bolton West MP will soon be contacting the Leave campaign to see what events can be held in his constituency and said he will be outlining and explaining his views at his regular Meet Your MP events.

He added:  “This is a very positive moment for Britain. Rather than being tied to a bureaucratic and ineffectual organisation we are now free to make our own way in the world and I will be voting out on June 23.”