AN EMOTIONAL Victoria Derbyshire cried tears of joy in her latest video diary chronicling her battle with breast cancer, as she completed her final round of chemotherapy.

The broadcaster, who grew up in Turton and was born in Ramsbottom, has been filming the diaries since her diagnosis in July last year.

She is due to be back presenting her self titled BBC news show full time from Wednesday, and will begin a course of radiotherapy next month.

In an entry on February 22 after returning home following the final round of treatment, spoke of her feelings after the last dose.

Victoria, aged 47, said: "I'm home and I'm happy and I can't stop crying, which is mad. I think it might be six months of tears just coming out in one go, if that's possible.

"I think when it was over, when the drugs had stopped going into me through the IV drip and the cold cap was coming off, I felt in shock. I couldn't speak which is not like me.

"I texted my friends and family saying I'm done. I just want to see my boys after school, have a cuddle and a celebratory tea and get on with the rest of my life. I can't stop crying — tears of joy."

Victoria has previously revealed she has been wearing a wig during her treatment, and the video diary also showed the realities of having to wash it.

Another entry was filmed during a spell in work during the treatment, where Victoria says she was happy to be back to normal.

She said: "I've been trying to work out why being at work at the moment is making me feel so good — and I suppose it's pretty obvious really, it means I'm not a cancer patient, I don't really think about cancer when I'm at work, I'm a journalist.

And speaking on February 21, the day before her sixth and final chemotherapy, she said the end of the treatment was both a relief and a release.

She said: "Every day for the past four days I have shed tears, which is really unusual because I haven't much throughout the past six or seven months at all.

"I think it's because for the whole of this process I've just been concentrating on and focusing on getting through it, and taking each day as it comes as much as that is possible, and being pragmatic and cracking on.

"Because it's coming to an end I've been reflecting on what I've experienced, I suppose it's just a release of emotions and a relief, a release and a relief.

"These are actually happy tears because it's going to be over soon."