A POLISH man who came to Bolton to start a new life hanged himself a month later after being unable to find work.

An inquest heard how 52-year-old Pawel Oleksinki had no friends or family in the town, but had been found accommodation in a Mornington Road , Heaton, bedsit by brothers Maciej and Pawel Gluszczuk, who are related to Mr Oleksinki's nephew by marriage.

The brothers told area coroner Alan Walsh that Minsk-born Mr Oleksinki had been head of security at Warsaw airport but had lost his job after government changes.

The father-of-one was separated from his wife and had run up debts of up to £30,000 in his home country when he decided to come to England in November last year.

But Pawel Gluszczuk, who regularly saw Mr Oleksinki after his arrival in Bolton, said that he was a heavy drinker, consuming large amounts of whisky, and had become depressed, talking about taking his own life, after being unable to find a job.

Mr Walsh was told that he had decided to return to Poland, where he had a girlfriend, and his nephew had bought tickets for his return flight on December 11 - the day after he died.

"His nephew found out he had hanged himself on the way to the airport to pick him up," said Maciej Gluszczuk.

Pawel Gluszczuk said he last saw Mr Oleksinki at his bedsit on the evening of December 9 and he was so drunk that he was unable to speak.

The following morning ground floor resident Nigel Wainwright left his room at 5am to find Mr Oleksinki hanging from the stair bannister.

Pathologist David Bissett told the inquest that hanging caused Mr Oleksinki's death, but at the time he had drunk more than three times the legal driving limit of alcohol - enough to impair his judgement.

A police investigation found there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death and his body was subsequently repatriated to Poland.

Recording an open conclusion into Mr Oleksinki's death, Mr Walsh said that although he may have had a lonely life in Bolton he knew his nephew was about to take him home and the drinking would have affected his judgement when he hanged himself.