SIMPLY inspirational — that was how the first TEDx talk at the University of Bolton has been hailed.

Taking place at the university's Queen campus every speaker, including lecturers, was given a standing ovation following their talks.

Aymen Mohamed, a Master's student in business at the University of Bolton who was working with the marketing team and press relations for TEDxUniversityofBolton, said, “The event was a huge hit.

"Everyone left with a smile on their faces and that’s what we wanted.

"The speakers were absolutely fantastic and left the audience inspired. The volunteers working towards this have truly shown how skilled they are, and I am truly honoured to have worked with such an amazing team.

"I would like to thank Dr Ianis G. Matsoukas, the TEDx curator and license holder and Ed Moloney, TEDx co-organizer for believing in the students to create such an electric event.

"I hope that this inspires others to get involved with TEDxUniversityofBolton 2017."

Speakers included Dr Rebecca Nesbit, who writes science related fiction and non-fiction, and Professor Patrick McGhee, assistant vice-chancellor at the university.

The annual TED conference invites the world's leading thinkers and doers to speak for 18 minutes or less.

Speakers have included co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates; renowned primatologist, Jane Goodall; American author, Elizabeth Gilbert; founder of Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson and Nobel Prize winner, Daniel Kahneman.