A NEWLY married man died after taking a massive overdose of painkillers, a court has heard.

Assistant coroner Rachel Griffin heard how 46-year-old Andrew John Turner married Amanda Turner-Smyth in September last year and he was very happy.

But within weeks the relationship broke down and Mr Turner, who was known as John to family and friends, went to live with his sister in Freshfield Avenue, Great Lever.

His brother, Michael Turner, told the court how although he had low moods and had previously taken overdoses of medication, immediately before his death on December 20, he did not appear depressed.

He was last seen alive at 6am on December 19 by his niece, Chantelle Turner, when he let her into the house as she had forgotten her key.

Mr Turner suffered from epilepsy and it was not unusual for him to need a lot of sleep, so his family did not become concerned that he had not left his bedroom until the afternoon of the following day.

Michael Turner told how he found his brother lying unresponsive on the bed with 18 empty packets of co-dydramol painkilling tablets on his bedside cabinet. The drug had been prescribed by his doctor for back pain.

Toxicology reports revealed he had taken massively more than a fatal dose of the drug.

Mr Turner's estranged wife told the inquest that they had remained in touch after their split and were hopeful of a reconciliation.

She told the inquest that, two days before he was found dead, they had argued in an exchange of text messages but had ended the conversation agreeing to take her daughter to a party at the weekend.

Police who examined his mobile phone after his death found he had sent a further text message to her at 7.06am on December 19 stating, "You're blocked and I'm gone permanently', but Mrs Turner-Smyth told the court she never received it.

Mrs Griffin said she did not know whether Mr Turner intended the final overdose to be cry for help, as it had been in the past.

Therefore, she recorded a conclusion that he "died as a result of drug related death."

"I don't believe I can be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that he intended to take his own life," she said.