HE has astounded millions by walking on water, levitating and even disappearing in front of people's eyes but perhaps the best trick Dynamo has pulled off is the one which has made an arena show an intimate experience.

"Intimacy and arenas don't normally go hand in hand," said the 33-year-old illusionist who comes to Manchester next week, "but I do think I've created the most intimate arena show there has ever been."

And delighted audiences all around the country would certainly agree as the show has virtually toured non stop for the last six months playing to packed houses along the way.

Fittingly the show ends in Manchester, the city where the Seeing is Believing tour first began.

"I started at Manchester Apollo," he said. "I've done over 100 shows since then and now we're coming back to the arena. The audiences have got much bigger and it's an amazing atmosphere when you have so many people all reacting at the same time.

"As the show has moved into arenas we have had to scale certain things up and we've tweaked a few things along the way but no two shows will ever be the same. A lot of the show's direction rests on decisions made by members of the audience which you cannot predict."

Dynamo, real name Steven Frayne, has been involved in every element of the show.

"From the start I wanted to keep the thing that most people particularly love which is the intimacy of street magic and I'm proud we have done that."

Dynamo initially came to prominence through his exploits on You Tube and his subsequent TV series have been broadcast in over 180 countries making him one of the world's most popular magicians.

"I think because I don't come from a theatrical background I have kept that conversational approach when I deal with people - even in a big arena," he said. "I like to think that every member of the audience feels as though I am performing just for them. It's very easy for success to change you but that wouldn't be me."

With over 100 shows under his belt, Dynamo admits he has learned a great deal from the experience.

"I am certainly more confident that I was when we started off on tour and I'm not as nervous."

Having grown up on an estate in Bradford, Dynamo is keen to use his own success to encourage others to make the most of their lives.

"I try to highlight the fact that you should not let circumstances determine your fate," he said. "You can achieve anything if you put in the hard work. I'm a Yorkshire lad and believe the old saying about not getting owt for nowt."

Given his fame - over 5.3million people have liked his Facebook page and he has 2.4 million Twitter followers - Dynamo is very conscious about his position as a role model.

"When you are in the public eye you have a responsibility," he said, "but you look at some of the things that some 'celebrities' do, it's not what you want kids to aspire to."

He is also quick to dismiss some of his critics who have dismissed him as a 'fake'.

"A fake magician, that doesn't really make any sense when you think about it." he said.

"I have never set out to fool anyone, that can be hurtful. But people want to witness something and feel a sense of wonder, a sense that they have seen something magical.

"Other people can have that feeling through scoring a goal at football but I do it through magic."

Although, good magician that he is, Dynamo will never reveal the secrets of his show he has produced his own magic kit for the shows.

"They are simplified versions of some of the tricks which people have seen me do," he said. "I feel it is so important to keep magic alive and to do that we need to get more young people interested in magic. Without that it will die so it is very important to inspire young people.

"We also need more women to be involved and not as assistants."

Next week's shows won't be the first time Dynamo has performed at Manchester Arena.

"About 10 years ago Ian Brown was playing there and he'd invited me to do some tricks at the aftershow party. But when I got there he said he'd created a space for me to go out and do something in front of the crowd. There were about 14,000 Ian Brown fans there - I've never been so nervous."

Dynamo will be at Manchester Arena on Friday, April 1 and has two shows on Saturday, April 2. Tickets available from 0844 844 0444