Bolton-born Lady Showbiz, aka Karen Walters, casts an eye over this week's celebrity news. An entrepreneur, she has worked in entertainment for more than 12 years and is also a presenter on Bolton FM, as well as patron to Bolton Hospice

As I arrived back into the UK I was shocked and saddened to learn of the death of pop icon Prince, at the age of 57.

His innovative music, a fusion of rock, funk and jazz, selling more than 30 albums and over 100 million records during his career – firmly securing him as a creative music visionary -  I can’t help feeling bereft, another legendary artist taken away too soon!

So while everyone speculates about Prince’s untimely death, the saddest aspect to me is that he still had so much more to give us, working tirelessly up to his death on his all-female band 3rdEyeGirl and his intimate piano and a microphone tour.

Prince’s manager, Kyra Sharma, is devastated and I can understand why – when you care about your artist’s career and their future, they become family.

Like many, I was a huge fan. I remember walking the runway to U Got The Look (1987) wearing sky-scraper heels, leopard print cat-suit and ‘whipping’ the dancers - a memory which will always bring a smile – if not an embarrassing laugh!

I’m loving the frenzy at the moment of the media saying Kylie has brought back the perm.

However, anyone who is old enough to know (and I am) that Kylie’s hair is naturally curly and I for one can empathise with the curly frizz. I must admit I do succumb to the straighteners but, like Kylie’s guy, my guy loves my natural look. I do confess though, I still have a little straighten.

After attending many networking events over the years, I have to say it is truly wonderful to see a genuine woman empowering other women.

Huge congratulations to Bolton businesswoman and entrepreneur Namita Chopra, from Ladies In Business, NC Travel Services and NC Consulting Ltd. 

Namita will not waste any time and will connect you with the right people for your business

Elsewhere award-winning author Alan Reynolds is having huge success with his latest book The Coat and it was a delight to speak with him on Bolton FM, such a great talent and a lovely guy too!