YES! [The Ambition] band finally popped in to see me at Bolton FM for the #SundayLounge and, Oh my, it was so worth the wait.

This refreshingly fabulastic young band are not only very talented, they are charming, polite and really prepared to work.

The Pop/Rock outfit comprising, Scott 19, Jack19, Ant 19and Max 18, have been touring throughout the UK with school tours and gigs .

Dedicated to music and their fans, these young guys are honing their craft. They’re not fame hungry; but music absorbed - unlike so many other young and old artists who have ego’s bigger than Humpty Dumpty’s head.

I do hope they stay this way because these young talented musicians - who write, sing and perform live too, are the real deal.

If you can get a ticket to see them live on June 18 at The Epstein Theatre, I really suggest you go.

One Direction Who?

[The Ambition’s] debut EP, Journeys, is on sale now.

Meanwhile, Maria Carey shows why she is still Queen Diva in a trailor for her show Mariah’s World. She explains why she wears oversized shades indoors, saying: ‘I have a rule that I will not be seen in florescent lighting without sunglasses’. Which got me thinking: Well if that’s her rule, who are we to object? Lighting can be very unflattering - especially as we get older. It reminded me of a time when I was in the company of a couple in their late 50s.

To my shock, the guy rudely moved his partner and told her ‘step out of the light love’.

To my amazement, she did. I wouldn’t mind but she is a very glamorous woman and he looks the double of a Grand National winner with his very false nashers.

Elsewhere, I love that the Duchess of Kent, Will and Harry are raising awareness for mental health.

Their Heads Together project aims to end the stigma of mental health illness and was launched on May 16 at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London. So much still needs to be done to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health.