PARENTS have hit out at a school where 'trendy' school shoes have been barred late on in the year.

They claim they have been told to buy their children new shoes just weeks before the end of term — or the offending pupils would have to stay indoors over break times.

Families said they were told by their children this week that their Stan Smith-style shoes — black leather lace-ups — were no longer acceptable at Thornleigh Salesian College, despite having worn them since September.

Parents are asking why the "breach" of uniform rules has not been mentioned until now, just as the academic year ends.

They say they have not received letters or official notification of the sanction — and add that some children are wearing shoes from specialist children’s shoe shops have also fallen foul of the new rule.

Parents have also accused the school of wasting tax payers' money by offering to buy the children new shoes.

About 20 pupils are thought to have fallen foul of the policy.

Natalie Yates, who praised the education her children receive, said: “The school has a new rule on shoes. For the next six weeks, pupils who haven’t got the right shoes will be kept indoors.

“Parents are being told to get them new shoes or the school will pay for them.

“The rule at the start of the year was black leather lace-up shoes.

“All the kids are wearing Stan Smith-style shoes — which are black leather lace-ups — they’re not trainers. But now the school has said pupils are not allowed to wear them.

“There has not been a problem with these shoes all year and now there suddenly is.

“I do not have a problem with uniform rules, I will buy my children new shoes before the start of the new academic year, but not just before the year ends. These shoes are smart and they should not be keeping children in like this.

"A child needs fresh air and sunlight just as much they need education and water and sunlight is the main source of Vitamin D."

Parent Lisa Byrne added: “The school have not written to me or contacted me, I have phoned the school. I cannot understand why the school has decided to change the uniform rules so late in the school year.

“Why was nothing said at the start of the year or at parents' evening.

“It is important for children to go out for their health and wellbeing. These are smart shoes."

Andrea O’Callaghan, deputy headteacher, said: "A small number of students have recently been choosing to wear footwear that is not in line with school uniform policy and this has been addressed with them and their parents.

"We are speaking with individual parents to resolve any ongoing issues. In cases of extreme hardship the school always offers to support parents until such a time that they can afford to purchase items themselves.

"We have high standards and expectations which we are proud of and which we constantly strive to achieve."