A GAMBLER who allowed his bank account to be used by drug dealers and laundered a total of £140,000 has been jailed.

Bolton Crown Court heard how 38-year-old Imran Hafeji was tempted by the cash and blew £20,000 of it on gambling when he was supposed to be using it to buy a takeaway business.

David Clarke, prosecuting, said Hafeji, of Cross Ormrod Street, Deane, was arrested by police on March 30 after he became suspected of money laundering.

“He was quite frank with them about what had been taking place,” said Mr Clarke.

He told officers that his account had been used to wash £70,000, the proceeds of cannabis and cocaine deals, clean.

He even had fake documents relating to the sale of jewellery in order to account for the money.

And he confessed that he had spent £20,000 of the cash in gambling.

Hafeji pleaded guilty to acquiring criminal money between January 27, 2015 and January 12, 2016, transferring criminal money from his bank account between January 28 last year and February 12 2016.

In addition he admitted possessing two BMW cars, valued together at £70,000, which were also criminal property.

Andrew Nuttall, defending, told Judge Graeme Smith: “This defendant fully accepts that, through his gambling addiction, he has committed these offences and he is thoroughly ashamed of himself.”

He added that Hafeji is now determined to tackle his gambling problems.

Sentencing Hafeji to 16 months in prison Judge Smith told him: “Any crime of this nature is treated very seriously by the courts.

“It is clear you acted, in some way, as part of a group.”