AN uninsured driver who ran over and killed a pet dog in a friend's car has been banned from the road.

Tibor Horvath was behind the wheel of a Ford Galaxy when he struck the Staffordshire bull terrier in Hatfield Road, Halliwell, and dragged the animal along the road.

The dog, which belonged to a resident in the street, did not survive the crash on November 12 last year.

Horvath was charged with failing to stop after a road accident, driving with no insurance, driving without a licence and driving without an MOT.

He initially denied the offences but changed his plea on the day of his trial.

Prosecutor Ann Deakin told Bolton Magistrates Court: "Her Staffordshire bull terrier was not on a lead and ran from their front garden approximately 10 metres towards a PCSO who was walking along the pavement of Hatfield Road.

"The dog ran out between two parked vehicles into the path of an oncoming vehicle driving at between 20 and 30 mph in the direction of Avondale Street.

"The vehicle, a Ford Galaxy, was being driven by the defendant.

"Unfortunately the vehicle collided with the dog and dragged it along the road until it came to a stop.

"The vehicle came to a stop for approximately two seconds. The defendant did not get out of car and accelerated and turned left and the officer gave chase and saw him stop in Victoria Grove.

"That's 80 metres from the point of the original collision."

Ms Deakin said the PCSO went to Horvath's home in Victoria Grove and tried to persuade the 31-year-old to accompany him back to the scene.

Horvath did walk with the officer for part of the way but turned back and returned home. He was later visited and interviewed by a constable.

The dog's owner had to spend £115 on veterinarian fees after the accident, Ms Deakin said.

Representing himself and speaking through an interpreter, Horvath told the magistrates he is a father of three who works ad hoc for an agency in an unspecified line of work.

He said the car was not his and it was merely left in his care.

Magistrates disqualified the defendant from driving for six months and fined him £120 for the failing to stop offence and was fined £120 for having no insurance.

There were no separate penalties for the other two offences.

Horvath was ordered to pay court costs of £300 and a victim surcharge of £20.

Magistrates said Hatfield Road was a narrow street adding that dogs should be kept on a lead in a public place, and so no compensation was awarded.