EXAM students are tucking into a blueberry breakfast to ensure their brain power is at its peak when they sit their GCSE exams.

Harper Green School is putting on a special breakfast incorporating the humble berry every morning for year 11 pupils before they sit their all important exams after research into the positive effects of the fruit on memory of concentration.

And it is proving to be a popular final preparation for young people before they go into the exam room — including those who are not fans of the blueberry.

The teenagers enjoy glasses of blueberry juice, as well as porridge with the berries and toast.

This week they had the breakfast before their GCSE maths exam with the whole of year 11 been invited.

Michelle Jefferies, director of resources at the Farnworth school, said: "The idea of ‘Blueberry Breakfast’ was first suggested by Mr Roach our executive headteacher.

"His science teacher routes have never left him and he had read an article in relation to the positive effects of blueberries on both concentration and memory.

"The European Journal of Nutrition attributed high levels of anthocyanins — brain boosting organic compounds— in blueberries to enhanced cognition in children."

She added: "All students who have an exam are invited into the school dining room on the morning of the exam for glasses of blueberry juice, porridge and toast.

"The feedback from the students has been extremely positive.

"They have stated that it has really helped them focus their minds for their exams but has also been an excellent opportunity for them to discuss exam techniques with fellow students prior to the exam."

Year 11 pupils are saying enjoying breakfast together is helping them during the exam season and they are willing to give blueberries ago if they can give them an extra edge in the exam room.

Bradley Blackburn, in year 11, said: "I’m definitely coming in early tomorrow for breakfast.

"I think it’s a great idea by school and helps us all to feel positive and confident before our exams."

Classmate Talia Barton added: "Even if it doesn’t taste like my favourite drink I will still drink it if it helps me focus in my exam."