American Singer, Songwriter Jennifer Knight, is a unique musical prodigy with outstanding vocal.

And it is no surprise given her musical background. “I grew up with great musical foundations,” she explained.

“My mother was a professional pianist for over 35-years, my grandmother was her music teacher and professional conductor, my grandfather was an opera singer and my great-grandfather hand crafted violins and cello.

“I was born into music performing solos from the age of seven.”

Educated at the prestigious University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Music, Jennifer added: “I now mix artistry with technique but when you want to win gold, you have to put your heart and soul into it as well.

“I love to practice for hours. I love Madonna, Whitney Houston and Calvin Harris – my life is music.”

Her record, Twinkle and Shine, combines pop, R&B and electronica melodies.

However it is Can’t We Start Over that really showcases Jennifer’s four octave range beautifully and the video is so romantic.

‘Twinkle and Shine’ is out now on iTunes.

Elsewhere this week, I had the very good fortune of visiting the home of artist, Ivan Jones, in Herefordshire.

Ivan’s fine art is incredible - predominantly pastels, mostly wildlife, landscapes and human portraits and the attention to detail is very true to life.

Ivan’s very supportive wife, Cath, showed me around their enchanting garden, the fragrant smell of basil, and mint and the vast array of beautiful flowers were perfectly displayed - a work of art in themselves.

Herefordshire Art Week takes place between September 10-18 and you can find more of Ivan’s art at

I find it ludicrous that St Monica’s Catholic primary school in Milton Keynes has ‘banned’ the whistle that signals the end of break because it is apparently too 'aggressive'.

Based on this I suggest Earls Farm, Harwood abandon haymaking this year in order to purchase copious amounts of cotton wool with which to wrap entire primary schools up in. Ridiculous, but it seems we are heading this way.

At least the farmer will not need to worry about the good old British weather!