Actor Johnny Depp’s marriage to actress Amber Heard is over.

Heard, appearing in court with bruised cheeks and a forlorn expression, depicts him as a drink and drug abusing thug with an uncontrollable temper.

Not so says Depp’s ex-partner of 14 years and mother of his two children, French singer Vanessa Paradis.

In an open letter she writes Johnny Depp is a sensitive, loving and loved person and that she believes with all her heart that these recent allegations are outrageous. Depp claims Heard is just after his money.

Who knows what the truth is. No-one knows what goes on behind closed doors – in any relationship. But Heard pictured ‘laughing’ after a four hour meeting with lawyers did leave a bad taste.

You may not remember Eldorado, or the cast of the TV soap which was filmed in Costa Del Sol in 1992.

But Actor, Jon-Paul Gates, who played Alan Hindle, one of the brothers who owned a beach bar, has since starred in more than 70 films and theatre productions.

He started off with ‘a sprinkling of stardust’ according to his mum, and it would seem talent, hard work and ‘luck’ have paid off - not just in the UK but Stateside too. He enjoys playing dark villain characters in films Hedda Gabler, Axe Raiders, Treaure Hunt Massacre and Hooligans at War.

“It’s always much more pleasurable to play a villain because they tend not to be one dimensional - you can have so much fun” said Jon, who has six films out in 2016. Personally, I would love to see him as a Bond villain.

It’s so heart-breaking to hear that newsreader Sian Williams’ six year old daughter, Evie, responded to hearing her mummy had breast cancer by asking ‘Will I get it’?

Sian’s very considered reply was: “By the time you’re grown up they’ll have found a way to make sure that even if you do get it, which is very unlikely, they will get rid of it very quickly.”

Her psychological first aid kit book, Surviving And Thriving After Trauma, is a must read.