THE work of artists from Bolton has been exhibited in the prestigious Castle Park Forum of Young Art Space in Germany enhancing the town's fast growing reputation of being a centre of culture and creativity.

Fine artists, who had graduated from the University of Bolton, were invited to display their art work as part of the town-twinning celebration between Bolton and Paderborn in an exhibition entitled The Best of Bolton Fine Art.

The showcase followed a visit by Director of Culture at Paderborn Council, Christoph Gockel-Böhner to Bolton who met the artists in their studios neo:artists.

Exhibiting artists met with the University of Paderborn’s Academy of Art and working artist groups such as Raum für Kunst, a collective of fine artists based in Paderborn.

Steph Shipley who graduated from the BA Fine Art course last year, said: "We were treated royally with impeccable support from our German hosts and a warmth of hospitality, generosity and professionalism that made our Paderborn experience unforgettable.

"We spent three days setting up the exhibition which included exciting new art works, some of which had been created in Paderborn following a planned visit by two of us to the nearby British forces base in Sennelager."

The show brought together themes of contemporary culture and included sculpture, painting, film, print, photography and installation art works.

It was opened to press and public acclaim on Saturday evening by the Deputy Mayor of Paderborn and Alan Buckingham, the BA and MA Programme Leader for Fine Art at the School of the Arts at the university,.

Mr Buckingham said: "We are very grateful for the amazing efforts of Christoph Gockel-Böhner for inviting us as part of the twinning with Bolton and for organising this show; his infectious enthusiasm has instilled an energy with the artists which has given them a fantastic opportunity to show their work on an international stage."

Future art ventures between the two towns are now being explored.

Ged Young who is a Fine Art Masters graduate was instrumental in the curating of the exhibition in Paderborn and producing the exhibition catalogue.

He said: "Our time in Paderborn was fantastic and we are still on a high.

"Meeting the artists groups and having a tour of their studios was great and really inspiring. They made us feel so welcome and we can’t wait to work with them in the future."

Mr Gockel-Böhner said: "I was extraordinarily impressed with the artists themselves, the opportunities that the Fine Arts course offers to the students — and the remarkable efforts of neo:artists to run the neo:studios and neo:gallery.

"I hope the show in Paderborn will mark the beginning of a closer relationship between the arts scenes and the museums of Bolton and Paderborn.”

The exhibition runs until June 12.

The exhibition continues at Castle Park Forum of Young Arts Space, Paderborn until 12 June 2016. More information: