A YOUNG man 'who felt desolate about domestic problems and the loss of a friendship' killed himself, an inquest heard.

Hassan Mehmood, aged 25, of Felton Walk, Astley Bridge, died by hanging himself from a climbing frame in Thomasson Park in Yarrow Place, Halliwell, on April 4.

The inquest into his death heard he had been treated for depression in the past and had fallen out with his mother and one of his sisters.

Area coroner Alan Walsh said of Hassan's older sister: "Uzma confirms Hassan had been a fairly private person in his life.

"She confirms that prior to Hassan's death there had been tensions in the house, mainly as Hassan was not working.

"There were then arguments and domestic issues at home."

Mr Mehmood moved in with Jameel Sharaid – a friend he considered as a brother – and Mr Sharaid's mother in the autumn of 2015 but returned to his family home at around Christmas.

His death came after a planned day out to Blackpool with a group that included Mr Sharaid and Mr Sharaid's girlfriend was scrapped.

There was conversation by text message and Whatsapp messages between the two men and at just before 1.55am on April 4 Mr Mehmood left Mr Sharaid a voicemail in which he was crying and leaving long gaps between speaking.

Mr Walsh said: "There are references to a friendship that had gone 'wrong' and 'bad' and he 'couldn't believe how the friendship had turned out' and 'everyone has made mistakes'.

"Jameel says Hassan had always said if he lost his friendship he wouldn't be able to function."

The court heard Mr Mehmood had previously tried to harm himself with a ligature and in November or December last year had thrown himself into a river near Cineworld in Waters Meeting Road in Bolton before taking an overdose of pills for which he was treated in hospital.

Notebooks found in Mr Mehmood's bedroom after his death contained undated handwritten notes.

Mr Walsh said: "These express sentiments of being sorry but he 'can't carry on'.

"In the history of the iPhone there were no searches in relation to suicide or hanging, but there were a number of searches in relation to 'goodbye' and 'broken friendships'."

Mr Mehmood was due to start a new job working for a PPI firm on the day he was found dead by a passing dogwalker at 6.25am.

Mr Walsh said: "I'm satisfied that, having had a difficult few months, he then believed he was losing a friendship that he had built up with Jameel and the cancellation of the trip to Blackpool may have been relevant in the mind of Hassan.

"When it was cancelled, he may have overreacted.

"I'm satisfied from the investigation by the police there are no suspicious circumstances and no evidence of third party involvement."

Mr Walsh recorded a conclusion of suicide at yesterday's hearing into the former Sharples High School pupil.

The coroner said: "He must have felt so desolate in relation to domestic problems and the loss of a friendship with a close friend, which he valued.

"I'm saddened that he didn't talk to anyone or discuss his problems with his family and in a way he appears to have dealt with matters in his life very privately.

"It's a great tragedy that a young man ends his life in that particular way."