A BOLTON MP has backed the call by members of the Labour party for leader Jeremy Corbyn to stand down.

David Crausby, MP for Bolton North East, said there had been a movement towards removing Mr Corbyn from leadership before the European Referendum and the vote of no confidence would have been made no matter the outcome of the vote.

Mr Corbyn is facing a revolt from his shadow cabinet team today, with numerous resignations coming after the country voted to leave the EU.

Mr Crausby said: “It was common knowledge in the Commons that this would happen after the referendum regardless of which way it went. It’s happening so quickly after the referendum I think a number of people were itching to get going.

“It needs to be resolved quickly but I don’t think it’s a bad idea to clear out the top tiers.

“The results of the referendum are a slap in the face to political leadership of the established parties, the public voted no confidence in all of them.

“We should take a step back and think what is best for the British public.”

Mr Causby, who backed Leigh MP Andy Burnham to become leader last year, said there were other credible candidates for leadership including Yvette Cooper and Hilary Benn.

Shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn had been sacked by Mr Corbyn overnight after telling the leader he should go.

Hours after there were a series of shadow cabinet walkouts which include Manchester Central MP Lucy Powell, shadow education secretary and Ian Murray, shadow Scottish secretary and Labour’s only MP in Scotland.

Mr Crausby added: “I haven’t changed my mind, before the referendum I didn’t think Jeremy Corbyn was the right man to lead the Labour Party and I still don’t think he is the right man.

“In my opinion it is not a left or right wing issue but a question of competence and I don’t think we will win the next election with him as leader.”