WHEN it comes to presents, little Declan Gledhill always cleans up.

For while most little lads dream of getting toy cars and train sets for birthdays and Christmas, Declan always opts for ...vacuum cleaners.

The three-year-old, of Yewdale Avenue, Breightmet, is so obsessed with cleaning machines he has asked for a Dyson for his fourth birthday.

Declan, who received his first toy Dyson at the age of two, has five toy vacuums— a Henry and Hetty hoover, a Dyson DC 14, a Dyson DC22 and a Dyson Ball. But he has asked for a “real one” for his birthday on August 25.

His mum, Nicola Stobbs, said: “I can't put my finger on why he likes them so much and what it is about them that he is so obsessed with, because he just loves everything they do. If he isn't playing and talking to them he's planning his next trip to a shop to see them.

“They are like his friends and he will cuddle and talk to them and he gets really upset sometimes when we have to leave them.”

For his birthday, the St Brendan’s Nursery pupil has asked for a desktop Henry Hoover, a Henry Hoover mug and teddy and also a camera so he can take pictures of his vacuum cleaners – and an easel so he can draw pictures of them.

He also wants a Henry Hoover themed cake, as the model is his favourite "because they are smiley".

Mrs Stobbs, aged 26, added: "Me and his dad have decided to get a new hand-held digital slim Dyson and wrap it up for his birthday, and then we will get him other things too.

“We find it interesting as we learn things from him that we didn't even know about vacuums and find it fascinating as to how much he knows about them for his age, just from watching videos on Youtube.

"Don't get me wrong he can drive us insane with the constant vacuum talk but if it makes him happy it makes us happy."