WHEN it comes to staying fit and healthy, one primary school is racing ahead.

The Gates in Westhoughton staged a week of activities teaching children and members of staff about the importance of healthy eating and exercise.

Activities included running the daily mile – no matter what the weather – and culminated in a Race for Life with pupils and staff using their new found love of running to raise money for Cancer Research.

And all could see and feel the difference in just a week.

Carol Band, school business manager, said: “All the pupils took part in the activities, from early years to Year Six.

“The daily mile was done every day and the weather was kind to us, because it would have been done in any weather.

“Teachers also did it and started to enjoy it.

"Everyone who took part benefited, people were sleeping better and children were more focused in lessons. It was a huge success.”

So popular was the daily mile, that a couple of classes are going to continue it until the end of term and the idea it is on the timetable for the whole school come September.

The week was devoted to encouraging all children to stay fit and healthy especially in light of obesity levels rising nationally.

Children made fruit kebabs and granola cups in the afternoons and parents were invited to a class ‘café’ to try them. There were dance classes and visits from everyone from the dental nurse to the fire service.

During the Race for Life, children were cheered on by Mayor of Bolton Cllr Linda Byrne.

Mrs Band said: “Sarah Goulding, who is our PE co-ordinator, has worked incredibly hard in organising this event and she has been amazing.”

Chloe Wood, aged 11, said: “The benefits were that I slept better and learned more.

“I would definitely do it again.”

Corey Kelly, aged 10,said: “I enjoyed health and fitness week because there were lots of different activities that you could try.

“My favourite activity was Race for Life.”