A flight delay at the weekend led to a very unexpected, interesting and pleasant journey home – sharing a cab from Manchester Airport with the Mayor of Bolton Lynda Byrne and her Consort, husband John.

Discussing everything from their role reversal being quite ‘surreal’ - John was Mayor in 2010-2011 and Lynda was his consort - her busy schedule attending ‘100 events in six weeks’ to her chosen charity, Bolton Hospice and their favourite restaurant Sai Spice, Moses Gate, which I definitely intend to visit soon! Lynda revealed her mum inspired her to take up the role.

She said: “I was offered last year and my mum really wanted me to do it, but I just wasn’t ready."

Lynda’s mum sadly passed away earlier this year, however knowing her daughter was to finally take up the role of mayor must have been very comforting and a great relief – as it became evident during the journey that straight talking Lynda will be a valuable asset as mayor.

A very experienced, caring person who is passionate about Bolton and our community is just what we need.

SO... 50 is now the new 30 – it doesn’t seem that long ago women of a certain age found themselves sliding towards an elastic waistband and prior to this sitting in a rocking chair with a shawl draped around their shoulders.

Not anymore, women over 50 are looking more invigorating, taking on new challenges and achieving their dreams and Diana Nyad is a prime example.

Since the age of 20, her dream was to swim from Havana to Florida and at the age of 64 she's made the history books as the first person to do this without the use of a shark cage. As I’m definitely not a water babe I can’t see myself doing this anytime soon – dipping my toe in the pool is my limit, with a cocktail in hand of course!

Elsewhere I had a lovely surprise phone call from Jimmy Osmond (The Osmonds) who is in the semi-final of Masterchef.

I will be chatting to him soon about Celebrity Masterchef, his friendship with Michael Jackson – and his upcoming Andy Williams Moon River Tour.