IF anyone deserves a drum roll it's Cameron Tate.

The talented musician has passed his grade five drumming exam with distinction at the age of just eight.

He achieved 91 per cent in the exam and is thought to be one of the youngest pupils to have gained the top grade.

Cameron’s achievement has been described as a “mind-blowing feat” at his music school, Bolton-based Booths Music.

The Bolton News: Cameron Tate has been awarded 91pc in his grade five drumming exam

The youngster, who attends St Peter’s CE Primary School in Smithills, picked up a pair of sticks at the age of three after telling his parents he wanted to play the drums – with a neighbour kindly donating a starter kit.

Cameron, who is inspired by great drummers including Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and the late John Bonham from Led Zeppelin said: “I want to pass my grade eight exam.

“I really enjoy smashing the drums.

“It was amazing to pass my grade five. I was a little nervous but I didn’t show it, my friends went ‘wow’ when I told them.”

The Bolton News: Cameron Tate aged 8 and his drum teacher Alex Langford-Taylor

Cameron Tate aged 8 and his drum teacher Alex Langford-Taylor

Cameron, who jams with his dad Peter, who plays the guitar, is now in the process of starting a band. And already an established singer/songwriter – having written No Measures, No Answers which he performed as a five-year-old in front of hundreds of the people at the Victoria Hall in a concert, it is bound to be a success.

His tutor Alex Langford-Taylor, said: “Cameron is a natural, I am so proud of him.

“Passing grade five at his age is a great achievement.

She added: “People have said to me drumming is easy, but it is not, it is really really hard.

“You are having to do five things at once, your arms, your legs and your brain, and when you are singing it is six things you are doing at once.

“Cameron can become a top drummer.”

The Bolton News: HERO: Dave Grohl

HERO: Dave Grohl

Sister Arienne, aged 10, plays the piano and now even she can forgive her brother for waking her up by playing his drums.

She said: “It was annoying but now he has done really well.”

Mr Tate said: “Both the children said they wanted to play, it was their idea. We give them guidance.

“It is wonderful when I am playing the guitar and he is playing the drums."

Colin Liptrot, sales manager at Booths Music in Churchgate, said: “Cameron is already one serious drummer. When he is older, he is going to be a truly amazing musician if he keeps progressing at this rate."