HOW should Bolton celebrate the triumphs of one of the nation’s all-time greatest sportsmen?

Council chiefs admit they are scratching their heads trying to figure out what to do to pay a lasting tribute to the latest staggering achievements of Bolton’s Olympic golden boy Jason Kenny.

The humble cycling star had a town centre leisure complex named after him after securing his second and third Olympic gold medals at London 2012, with the Royal Mail also painting two post boxes golden in his honour.

Now town hall bosses are trying to figure out how those gestures can be topped following the Farnworth flyer’s three historic golden gongs at the Rio games — and it is proving tricky.

Bolton Council’s cabinet member for sport Cllr John Byrne said: “We have been talking about the different options. After 2012 we named a leisure centre after him, where do you go from there?

“We are racking our brains about how best to mark his latest achievement, there are lots of ideas bouncing around.

“I think a statue could be a bit premature because you normally do that after someone has finished their career and the way Jason looks right now, he could keep going for a while.”

Cllr Byrne, who is a keen cyclist himself, added: “We will certainly be having a special civic reception for Jason and we are keen to let the people of Bolton celebrate with him on the steps of the town hall like we did last time.

“The Mayor of Bolton, my wife Lynda, will also read out a special congratulatory message to Jason at next Wednesday’s full council meeting and the authority has already sent Jason a card congratulating him on his amazing achievements.”

Bolton North East MP David Crausby was also hooked to his television screen as Jason raced home for his third gold.

He believes something should be done to mark the achievement, but said it needs to be agreed with Jason and also with the people of Bolton.

He added: “I think we have to mark it, he deserves that recognition for such a fantastic achievement.

“What he has done is fantastic for Bolton and its residents and I think he is up there with the town’s top sports people of all time now - that last race was incredibly exciting to watch.”

Mr Crausby added: “The problem with Jason is he is so good that he could carry on and keep winning things and we could end up naming half of the town after him.”

He added: “Whatever is decided should be done so in consultation with Jason and his family, but it would be nice to open it up to ideas from the people of Bolton.”

It is not yet known when victorious Jason will return to his home town but once he does it is expected that council bosses will reach out to him to run any ideas they have past him.

If you have any ideas for a lasting tribute to cycling hero Jason, send them to