A BINMAN and part-time Reverend from Farnworth has added celebrity food critic to his CV.

Tony Cowell is swapping his Sunday dinner for a dish made by television stars in a popular ITV show airing next week.

The 55-year-old, who lives in Harrowby Street with wife Doreen, will be appearing in Who's Doing the Dishes? from Monday at 3pm.

The daytime show, presented by former Westlife singer Brian McFadden, will see him join a team of three others as they dine out in celebrity homes and have to guess which famous home-owner is cooking up the dishes.

Reverend Cowell, who is based at St Michael’s Church in Great Lever, described the experience as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

He said: "It was a fantastic experience, it was something a bit different to do and I met some wonderful people.

"You didn't know where you were going to be sent each day but they were all beautiful homes!

"You were blindfolded on the way to the house and then they were taken off and you would be greeted by Brian and a glass of champagne, which was nice, but you had no idea what kind of meal you would have ahead.

"Coming back home it felt like the bubble might burst, emptying bins and going to church, going back to reality. I had a wonderful, wonderful time."

Who’s Doing The Dishes? returned to ITV Daytime for a third series this month.

Over the course of the week Team Uniform, made up of Rev Cowell, a policeman, a fireman and a midwife, must guess which celebrity’s house they are dining in each day.

The mystery host will cook up a three course meal and diners are given clues throughout the meal to guess which VIP is cooking dinner.

Get it right and they’ll win a cash prize to go into a collective pot whilst the celebrity cook gets their marigolds on; get it wrong and they’ll be doing the dishes.

The celebs doing their best to impress Rev Cowell included former Eastender's actor Ricky Groves, cheesemaker and former Coronation Street star Sean Wilson and sociality Lady Colin Campbell.

Rev Cowell adds: "Lady C is quite a character!

"If I had one bad meal it was Lady C's but it was a good experience. The best meal was Sean Wilson's, his food was really nice."

The council worker of 36 years and reverend of 18 years, is no stranger to television cameras having previously appeared on Channel 4's Deal or No Deal in 2013 and won £10,000 and ITV's Catchphrase, and now has plans to apply for BBC's Pointless.

He joked: "It's a bit of a hobby to be honest and just something different to do. I get picked for the shows so they must see something in me, maybe an entertainer or just a bit of a fool - I don't know!"