A SPECIAL appeal has been launched urging readers to turn in more than a dozen wanted individuals.

All but one of the 13 people are sought by Bolton police because they skipped court bail.

The remaining man needs to be traced because he allegedly breached his licence after being released from prison.

The alleged crimes of these fugitives from justice include a wide variety of misdeeds including theft, motoring offences, affray, drugs offences, arson and possession of a prohibited weapon.

Some of those in the Most Wanted gallery have been on the run from the law from a long time and all need to be located as soon as possible.

PC Stuart Hall, the warrants officer at Bolton Police Station, said: “Greater Manchester Police take the apprehension of outstanding offenders very seriously, which in turn contributes to making the town a safer place for the people of Bolton.

“The organisation is proactively going out there on to the streets arresting these individuals.

“However, there are occasions when it is essential the local community plays a significant part in assisting the police with their enquiries. 

“I would urge any members of the public to contact police if they have any information regarding the whereabouts of the wanted faces on this appeal by contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or ringing 101 in confidence.”