NOT content with becoming a bestselling author at the age of just seven, Monty Lord now has his eyes set on becoming a TV star.

Monty Lord Presents is scheduled to air on Amazon Prime next month — on the same day as the new Jeremy Clarkson show, The Grand Tour, airs.

Monty's programme is a mix of observational humour focusing on everyday situations mixed with academic lessons and fun.

Monty made the headlines four years ago when his book, Freaky School, stormed to the top of the Amazon charts in just a week.

But the young star says he enjoys both writing and filming.

He said: "It's hard to say which I prefer but I think I would choose TV.

"I enjoy both and find them fun. I would like to be a presenter on mainstream television."

His presenting career began by doing inspirational lectures using the TED-ED online platform.

The Bolton School pupil said he started doing the lectures after being inspired by those who do them.

"I saw that Amazon was big and wanted to get on that, " said Monty, "My dad made it happen."

The show will feature some of the 11-year-old's friends and the sights and sounds of Bolton.

The first episode focuses on science where Monty impersonates the great film producer Alfred Hitchcock to bring the topic alive and another is about Shakespeare and filmed in Stratford-upon-Avon.

He said: "I am quite excited about it. I pick ideas which I am interested in — I did my Shakespeare one when I was in Stratford-upon-Avon for the Taekwondo Championships."

His father Fabian, who owns television production company Get Success TV, was so impressed with his son's creativity, he worked to get the shorts on Amazon Prime and they will be shown on the same day as the first episode of The Grand Tour on November 18.

Mr Lord, who lives in Heaton, said: "It's good to go in the listings head-to-head against the larger competition.

"No pressure then and I'm sure Mr Clarkson won't mind too much."

He added: "I think its great that children today are embracing these vast advances in technology and what better way to engage an audience and a child's mind than by using the medium of television.

"YouTube is huge among young people. Monty, like his friends, film and share using social media, and Monty has taken it to another level.

"He is very creative and they are all his ideas.

"Amazon Prime are opening up their doors to independent productions which are of good quality and are really accepting.

"Whilst Monty's target audience isn't necessarily the middle-aged professional, he certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to engaging a similar age group, and not just in the UK either, but overseas."

Monty is not giving up his writing for television though and his second book — Freaky Holidays — should be published in time for Christmas.

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