HOLLYWOOD came to Bolton at the weekend as the big screen was brought out of the cinema and into the streets.

The fun and entertainment was organised to celebrate the launch of The Light cinema, and the £20 million redevelopment of Market Place Shopping Centre.

Victoria Square turned into an open air cinema and a Hollywood Walk of Fame was put along Market Street, leading down to the new cinema.

Taking a look at the gold vinyl stars — with names such as Dave Spikey, Amy Nuttall, Paddy McGuinness, Peter Kay and Sir Ian McKellen — was six-year-old Sophie Howard, from Bolton.

Mum Joanne said: "We were walking down looking at all the names. There's names she knew and some she didn't.

"It's a great chance to explain to her who some of the famous names are, like Amir Khan. I know who he is and now she does.

"We are going to have a look and see what's on, it's definitely good to put as much as possible on especially now the cinema is here. Hopefully they can do more in future."

While a big screen played film trailers to a 60 seater outdoor cinema in Victoria Square, the lions of the Town Hall were dressed up for the occasion with top hats and bow ties.

Meanwhile the classic pillars were decorated with famous film characters including the Minions.

The crazy yellow characters are a favourite of six-year-old Thomas Doyle, from Breightmet, who is also a big Star Wars fan and enjoyed the day taking photographs with silver James Bond-style movie stars.

He was also snapped by 'paparazzi' photographers alongside Lyra and Scarlett Kay, aged seven and five, from Bromley Cross.

Dad Andrew said: "We've been to the cinema and I think days like this are very much needed for the community.

"The town centre is looking better and it is getting lots of families involved which is really nice."

Also entertaining crowds were silent movie stars, such as a Charlie Chaplin impersonator, who shook hands with visitors to the shopping centre as they passed under a colourful balloon arch.

Being made to feel like they were walking the red carpet were Alan and Brenda Baxendale, aged 83 and 81, on a visit to the town centre from Farnworth.

Mrs Baxendale said: "We often come into Bolton and thought we should come along to have a look at the centre. The cinema and Vaults are very impressive.

"It really is a boost for the town and brilliant for children and families who can come here."

Mr Baxendale added: "It is really nice to see all the events going on here and in the town square.

"We may have to come back and go to the cinema, maybe get two seats at the back!"