WAT-ER result for children at home and abroad.

Schoolchildren in Bolton and across the country have used their maths know-how to raise money to construct a well to provide safe drinking water for those in developing countries.

In just a year 2,500 students from 35 different school have signed up to Well-Good, a website developed by two Bolton School teachers in which children by practising their maths also raise money to provide drinking in poorer countries.

Each question a child gets right, sponsors of the website will give cash to the charity which helps to provide clean water to the developing world, with a 100 points providing one person with clean water for one day.

Jon Hitchin and Grant Heppleston, both maths teachers, developed the site.

Mr Hitchin said: "To give a snapshot, over a million questions have been answered on the site, 2500 students have signed up from 35 different schools and the website has received over a million hits."

He added: "We thought the website would be popular since it is a way of helping people in developing countries without having to give any money.

"Students are finding it really rewarding when they see wells that have been built with their school's name on it."

And thanks to pupils at Bolton School and those across the country their results are netting more than top grades.

Mr Hitchin said: "Thanks to pupils completing half a million maths questions on our website, a small community in Pakistan now has access to clean drinking water,

"We are delighted with the impact we have had so far. We have either built, or are in the process of building, eight wells across the world in places such as Niger, Indoneseia, Nepal and Pakistan."

Well-Good’s sponsors place adverts on the website, and the money generated through pupils answering questions is then donated to water charities.

He added: "We are constantly launching challenges for schools so that they can have wells built with their name on.

"We will soon be re-launching a Well-Good challenge to provide clean drinking water for more people in the developing world.

"Our thanks go also to all the local businesses sponsoring this venture

"If any schools are interested email wellgoodinfo@gmail.com."

Those who wish to become sponsors on the website should email the same address.

Young people who want to improve their maths should visit www.well-good.org