THIS winter a charity is hoping young people do not have to make the choice between eating and heating by enlisting the support of people in the borough.

Bolton Young People's Housing Service is asking people to donate ten tins of food from individuals.

The Ten Tin winter campaign is being run in conjunction with Bain Plumbing Services which celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Maura Jackson, chief executive officer of Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme, said: "It’s a campaign to collect ten tins of food from individuals to top up our food stores so that young people can prioritise their money for electricity; and "HEAT and EAT" this winter.

"We do this to take pressure off food banks.

"If a young person accesses the food banks officially this means they cannot access it again in 12 months and other claims for local welfare provision, for furniture and start up items in flats, can be adversely affected so we don’t use that unless we are desperate."

She added: "The challenge is being sponsored by Bain Plumbing Services to mark their 10th anniversary in business in Bolton and it was launched on 10/10.

"Since they deal with heating and keeping folk warm, amongst other things, it seemed like a good link.

"We want the public to get behind this campaign like they did the handbags for homeless women."

Food stuffs could include tinned beans, soups, pasta, meant, potatoes and many other items.

They should be placed in a carrier bag and dropped on at Fidgets Play Centre, Dunscar Industrial Estate, Blackburn Road, Egerton from 9am to 6pm during week days; Bolton Whites Hotel, Macron Stadium, Horwich, anytime; Bain Plumbing Services, 6c Boundary Industrial Estate, Millfield Road, Bolton from 8am to 4.30pm weekdays; BYPHS, Trinity House, Breightmet Street, Bolton, 10am to 4.30pm weekdays.