THE GLOVES are on for a trio of budding boxers who are stepping up to fight for the Make Kyle Smile campaign.

Jamie Dickinson, Sarah Myatt and Kieran Melia are currently training to step into the boxing ring to raise money for 11-year-old Kyle Buckley who is battling cancer for the third time.

They are taking part in the White Collar Fighter programme where they will train for eight weeks before taking part in a fight at Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester in November.

Professional coaches will put them through their paces twice a week, advising them on nutrition and diet.

For the final four weeks they will work alongside a matched opponent ahead of the fight night.

It is anticipated that they will be fighting in front of more than 700 people. Jamie, aged 33. said: “Kyle is from the same area and a similar age to my own kids, so his campaign really hit home.

“I used to do martial arts when I was younger so when I saw this opportunity, thought I would set myself the challenge and help raise money for Kyle at the same time.

“I persuaded Sarah to get involved too even though she has never done anything like this before. We both work, so it is tough fitting in the training and very tiring, but we motivate each other which really helps.

“Now that we have got ourselves into the routine, we have got our sights firmly set on fight night and raising as much money as we can.

“It is nerve wracking but also exciting so we cannot wait.”

Sarah, aged 26, who is engaged to Jamie, added: “When Jamie first suggested I join him I was a bit apprehensive but I’m glad I did.

“We are supporting a great cause and on a personal level, it is helping me gain confidence.

“I am very nervous about stepping into the ring but after so much hard work and the chance to help Kyle, it will be well worth it.”

Kyle, from Deane, was diagnosed with a rare muscle tissue cancer in January 2014.

He relapsed in May 2015 but after treatment he was given the all clear in December 2015.

In March of this year, he discovered the cancer had returned.

He is now fundraising to raise cash towards possible treatments in London or America.

Kieran, aged 28, said: “We all live in the same area as Kyle so were keen to try and help. Our aim is to raise around £1,000.

“Boxing may seem a bit extreme but white collar fighter is a great chance to get fit, learn some discipline and meet people, so I am loving it.”

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