A DAD-of-four claims the lack of a crossing patrol outside a primary school is ‘an accident waiting to happen’ after his wife and two daughters were nearly knocked over by a speeding car.

John Gardner insists that Atherton St George’s CE Primary school is a ‘dangerous environment’ when the children are arriving and leaving.

The 37-year-old, of Freshfield Avenue, Atherton, claims that schoolchildren are being forced to go between parents’ and residents’ parked cars to cross the busy road – and that has almost led to several accidents.

“My wife and two daughters were walking across the road safely but then a driver came through a gap between the parked cars and nearly hit them,” said Mr Gardner.

“That road is an accident waiting to happen because children are dodging speeding cars and it is not worth thinking about what would happen if they were on their own without a responsible adult to help them.

“The school is now having to raise money to pay for a school patrol in the future but

children’s lives are at risk now. It is terrible.

“There has been several near misses outside the school yet Wigan Council will not provide

the school with a crossing patrol. I think this is because St Richard’s RC Primary, which is three streets away, already has one.”

Paul Barton, assistant director for the environment at the council, said work was being done to improve safety at the Derby Street school.

He said: “This crossing point has been assessed and does not meet the criteria for a school crossing patrol, but we are working with the school to improve road safety and to relieve traffic in the area.

“We have installed a new pedestrian guard rail, offered additional road safety activities and are looking at introducing double yellow lines to prevent parking.

“We will also carry out additional parking enforcement in the next few weeks.

Mr Barton also said parents should take responsibility for their children at busy times.

He added: “The traffic around schools can get very busy at peak times and it is crucial drivers and

parents are mindful of this and take responsibility for children getting to school safely.”