A MYSTERY Good Samaritan has fitted new security locks at the flat where a 96-year-old war veteran and his 88-year-old wife were burgled.

The Horwich-based locksmith was moved after reading the news of the burglary at sheltered accommodation at the end of last month.

On the evening of October 30, a callous thief forced his way through a window at the elderly couple’s home while they were inside and stole their treasured wedding and engagement rings as well as the man's army papers — which he had kept with him for decades.

After reading about the shameful burglary — the locksmith, who does not want to be identified — said he wanted to do something to help the couple and perhaps give them some peace of mind after their scary experience.

He said: “I read the story online and I was really angry that some scumbag would do this to an elderly couple.

“People like the gentleman involved, put their time in serving our country, doing a job that many others would not be able to do and then they get treated like rubbish.”

He added: “It really got me that they took his wallet which contained his army service papers.

“Other things can be replaced but not them.”

The good-hearted man got in contact with the Horwich First community group who put him in touch with the police and eventually he spoke to the couple’s son.

He said: “Obviously they were a bit shaken by what had happened and needed a bit of time, but then they invited me round to fit some new locks on the windows.

“We had a really nice chat, they are a lovely couple.

“I fitted new security locks on the windows, which is where the burglar got in and I think it gave them all a bit more peace of mind.”

The work would ordinarily have cost about £130 but the mystery man refused payment and said he thought it was the right thing to do.

He added: “Money is just not an issue with something like this, when someone has given so much it is important to give something back — too many people just walk on by these days.”

The locksmith wanted to remain anonymous because he said he did not help out the elderly couple for publicity purposes.