A STEAKHOUSE is challenging people to brave the heat when they eat Bolton’s spiciest burger.

The Original Steakhouse Co in Halliwell Road, has launched The Fury Challenge for anyone who thinks they can finish the burger lathered in chilli sauce.

Customers are invited to finish the burger or pay £9.95, of which half will be donated to Bolton Hospice — so far only one man has completed the challenge.

But owner of Steakhouse Co, Imran Ali is so serious about the heat that customers are asked to sign a disclaimer.

Mr Ali said: “The sauce is ridiculously hot, that’s why we have to make sure our customers sign a disclaimer and wear gloves before taking a bite.

“The burger includes our best beef, a fried egg, hash brown and fresh chillies, but the sauce is what seriously gives it a kick. We’ve all tried the sauce here and there’s no doubt it’s extremely hot. It makes your eyes water and we’ve gone through quite a lot of milk. It will be interesting to see how many people can take it on.”

The sauce is made up of bhut jolokia chillies, also known as the ghost chilli, which gives it its ferocious heat.

It measures a massive one million Scoville units on the chilli heat scale. That makes it more than 400 times hotter than a bottle of Tabasco sauce.

Mr Ali added: “We’ve chosen Bolton Hospice to donate £5 from every burger sold — they do amazing work so they’re a worthy cause and hopefully we can raise a lot.”

Review by Sarah Yates

AFTER taking on the town’s hottest curry, I was confident that the spiciest burger would be no trouble for me.

But I was wrong, the burger was so hot that it ‘burned’ my insides and I felt the effects so badly that I went to hospital.

And after a four-hour stint in accident and emergency at the Royal Bolton Hospital, I’m still not feeling 100 per cent.

The burger, which is doused in the ferocious, fiery sauce, didn’t seem all that bad to start with — but after eating almost half, I realised I’d bitten off more than I could chew.

Firstly the burning sensation gripped my lips, then my tongue and I slowly started to feel the pain moving down my throat.

My eyes began streaming and I could barely see, let alone speak. I completely lost my voice for a couple of minutes and for someone with a major disliking for milk, I downed a glass to try to cool myself down.

I was desperate for anything to ease the burning sensation, which was now coursing through my body.

I headed home with an uncomfortable pain in my stomach, which slowly developed into swelling and I began to feel increasingly unwell. I was sweating and feeling dizzy.

More than 12 hours later it was only getting worse so I went to hospital. After a blood test and samples, I was given two syringes of medicine and told to rest up.

It’s safe to say I won’t be having another spicy burger — they don’t give you a disclaimer to sign for nothing.