A FAIRGROUND worker killed himself after struggling to recover from the trauma of finding his father dead seven years ago, an inquest heard.

Kyle Louis James Hill, who lived at Lodge View Caravan Site in Windley Street, Bolton, was found hanged in the bathroom of his cabin by his cousin Michael Cubbins on July 14 this year.

The inquest heard Mr Hill’s sister Larissa Barker, who had spoken to him by phone only minutes earlier, had already contacted the emergency services after she heard him drop the phone and make choking noises.

Police, ambulance staff and a fire crew arrived at the scene within 11 minutes of Ms Barker’s 999 call to Leicestershire police – she was near Leicester at the time – who had immediately transferred the call to Greater Manchester Police.

Paramedics tried to resuscitate Mr Hill before he was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital, in Minerva Road, Farnworth.

He died in the hospital four days later on July 18, 2016 having suffered what a consultant on the ward and a pathologist agreed were "irreversible and untreatable" brain injuries.

Bolton coroner’s court heard how Mr Hill had been treated for depression and substance abuse intermittently from 2010 – a year after he had witnessed his father collapse and die with heart failure – up to his death.

Dr Matthew Miller, from Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, led an investigation into the treatment Mr Hill received from his GP and the trust.

Dr Miller said there were shortcomings in the way information about the patient and other records were processed, which could have potentially led to Mr Hill not receiving treatment as soon as he needed it.

He added the issues had been resolved and that the trust now worked in a different way.

Recording a cause of death as a hypoxic brain injury as the result of suicide by hanging, assistant coroner Rachael Griffin offered her condolences to the members of Mr Hill’s family present in court.

She said Mr Hill never got over the death of his father, adding: “Having heard from the family I know that Kyle clearly was a popular and well-loved young man who, despite battling bouts of depression, was usually happy.”

Mr Hill’s girlfriend Laura Kinghorn, who also gave evidence at the inquest, said: “It is a very sad day, but hopefully lessons can be learnt and those changes have now been made.”