FOUR people have fined as part of an ongoing crackdown on eyesore fly-tipping.

Bolton Council prosecuted them as part of its continued efforts to clear up the streets.

Cllr Nick Peel, the executive cabinet member for environmental services, said afterwards: "We are determined to crack down on fly-tipping, which causes all sorts of problems for local residents.

"The waste also costs local taxpayers for the council to remove it.

"We are pleased that these fines have been handed out and hope they will act as a deterrent to those thinking of leaving their waste in the back streets in future."

The four cases were heard at Bolton Magistrates' Court on Monday.

David Finch, of Crescent Road, Great Lever, whose age was not given, admitted an offence of littering committed on or before October 19.

He left broken concrete flagstones at the rear of a neighbour's house and was fined £40 and was ordered to pay £185 in costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

Michelle Scrivener, aged 45, of Woodgate Street, Great Lever, admitted littering and received a fine of £220 and was ordered to pay a £30 victim surcharge and court costs of £170.

She had flytipped two pieces of wood behind her own home on or around October 20.

Katalin Sztojka, of Design Street, Daubhill, dumped a table in the back street behind her home on or before June 7.

The 43-year-old admitted littering and fined £50 and must pay £420 court costs in addition to a £30 victim surcharge.

Christina Gherasim, aged 25, left three black bags of waste at the rear of her Woodfield Street, Great Lever.

She was fined £220 and was ordered to pay £665 prosecution costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

The 25-year-old was convicted and sentenced in her absence of the littering offence, which happened or about July 21.