IT may never be known what the intentions were of a bright, popular and sporty teenager who died from hanging, a coroner said.

Fionnbharr Cullen, a 17-year-old Bolton College plumbing student who was known as Fionn, died at the family home in Worsley Road, Farnworth, on September 27.

Rachael Griffith, assistant coroner, told a Bolton Coroner’s Court inquest yesterday: “Fionn was a young man who was bright, popular and very active. It is very clear to me from the evidence that he was very much loved by his family and friends around him, who gave him great support in relation to difficulties he experienced in his life.”

Fionn’s father James Cullen returned from work and discovered his son’s body in the teenager’s attic bedroom.

Ms Griffin said: “There was no indication to his family and friends that he was going to what he did and according to his family he was usually very open in respect of his feelings. Mr Cullen stated that the family have tried to understand why Fionn would try something like this and none of his friends have any idea why he did what he did. From Mr Cullen’s point of view, Fionn was making plans for the future and was very excited about events coming up.”

Fionn’s GP referred him to Bolton’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in January 2015 after he told her he “wanted to feel happy and wanted help with his low mood”. The teenager attended CAHMS appointments in January and May of that year accompanied by family members and was discharged in July after his”condition had improved” and “there were no recent thoughts about harming himself”.

Toxicology tests revealed Fionn had used cannabis at some time before his death but it could not be determined how it may have affected his state of mind.

Ms Griffin said the cause of death as hanging and recorded the conclusion: “He died as a consequence of self-suspension by hanging while his intention remains unclear.”