A PROPOSAL to build 129 homes on green belt land has been refused by councillors.

The application by Bellway Homes was unanimously rejected, at Bolton Council’s planning committee meeting yesterday.

Concerns were raised by councillors regarding the town’s infrastructure and access from Collingwood Way to the site, in Bowlands Hey.

Cllr Anne-Marie Waters said: “There are currently over 250 houses for sale in Westhoughton.

“Over the past 20 years the town has seen extensive house building, which has more than doubled the population.

“But the infrastructure, such as schools, doctor’s surgeries and roads, all remain the same.”

Cllr Ann Cunliffe added: “The roads already looks like a car park and that is just the B roads before you even get to the A6.”

A spokesman for Bellway Homes said the site had been owned by the developer for 10 years and has been identified in the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework plan.

Cllr Nick Peel accused the developers of “land banking”.

He added: “Bolton has enough housing permissions and land for the next five years. Developers choose to sit on these and land bank.

“This application is inadequate and it is clearly and fundamentally against the policy of this council to build on this land.”

Cllr Sean Hornby said: “This is a beautiful piece of land and to build on it is countryside vandalism.

“The infrastructure is clearly not there to support this development and we should fight it.”