ARE these photos proof of some ghoulish goings on at Hall i'th' Wood Museum?

A team of paranormal investigators reckon they have spotted some ghostly activity in the grounds of the historic hall, which dates back to the 16th century.

The HIT Paranormal team carried out an investigation around the perimeter of the museum on New Year's Eve and claim to have captured footage of an white figure walking across their screen, as well as other unexplained phenomena.

Simon Longden, the lead investigator, said: "I have been interested in the paranormal for a long time and have really wanted to capture some good footage and share it with people.

"I once saw a full apparition when I lived in Blackpool and that is the kind of experience I want to share with people.

"On this particular night, we took a video of a large round ball of light that moves up the screen.

"We also got shots of a white figure walking through the grounds.

"Then there is one picture that is an unexplained shape. To me it looks like a bit of a demon figure with a snake-like tongue."

Mr Longden runs the team with his family – mum Mandy Longden, brother Alfie Butler, and cousins Dominic and Daniel Dean – and has also conducted investigations at Darwen Cemetery.

The 30-year-old, who lives in Hall i'th' Wood, added: "We were very pleased with the results. On these investigations, you get a lot of noises and so on that you can't assume are paranormal activity. We are usually outside, so it could just be something rustling in the bushes.

"But we also went into the museum during the day and there was something in one of the bedrooms that said my name. I was there with my cousin and my mum and had one of those moments where we all looked around thinking it must have been one of us that said something, but it wasn't."

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