A PIZZA shop row ended in tragedy when a man was stabbed through the heart with a kitchen knife.

Rabid Amin was knifed 16 times during a frenzied attack at the hands of Jabar Ahmed, Manchester Crown Court was told yesterday.

Mr Amin died of his injuries at The Royal Bolton Hospital and Ahmed was arrested by officers at the scene.

The argument, which broke out on the streets of Bolton Town centre, happened at 4am on November 19 last year.

The court heard that Ahmed was part of a group of men from Moses Gate in Farnworth, while Mr Amin was part of a group from Manchester Road, Great Lever.

Both groups had been feuding in the weeks running up to the death of Mr Amin following a failed carjacking attempt on him.

On the night of the attack, there had been tension between the two groups after they met in the J2 nightclub. Mr Amin and Ahmed had an argument.

As the Nelson Square club closed, the two groups of men left and went to separate takeaways, the court heard.

Ahmed separated from his group, who were in the Raja takeaway in Bradshawgate, and walked into the nearby Spice Hut where Mr Amin and his friends were eating. He shouted: "Who's going to buy me a pizza," the jury was told There was another verbal exchange between Mr Amin and Ahmed, who was taken outside by Sajid Ahmed, a friend of Mr Amin who had been trying to calm the situation down.

But the row spilled out onto the street and members of both groups got involved.

The court heard that Ahmed started to attack Mr Amin. Sajid Ahmed ran over to help his friend, but was also turned on by the defendant and was left with stab and slash wounds to his head and body.

Ahmed then carried on his attack on Mr Amin, until the police stepped in to stop him, it was alleged.

PC Helen Heffey was among a group of officers returning from an operation in the town centre who stopped to break up the scuffle. She twice tried to restrain Ahmed, but he broke free to continue his attack on Mr Amin.

Gary Burrell QC, prosecuting, said the police officer could not see a knife but added: "She says it didn't seem as though he was striking the deceased with the knuckles of his fist because the blows were at more of an angle, which we say is more like a knifing."

By the time Ahmed was restrained by PC Heffey and fellow officer Amin was "doubled over from the murderous stab wounds to the chest and stomach," said Mr Burrell.

"Mr Amin died from multiple stab wounds, in fact he died from a deep stab wound that went into his heart," the prosecutor added.

Mr Amin, a 25-year-old married man who worked as a self employed carpet fitter, was treated by paramedics at the scene but died later in hospital.

His DNA along with that of Sajid Ahmed was found on the murder weapon - a kitchen knife with a six inch blade which was found at the scene.

The defendant was not seen wielding the knife, but the prosecution claim it was he who dealt the fatal blows.

Ahmed, aged 19, of Campbell Street, Farnworth, denies murder, wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm to Sajid Ahmed, and possession of an offensive weapon. He claims he was attacked and smashed over the head with a bottle and was acting in self defence.

He also says he was drunk on a cocktail of champagne, Jack Daniels and brandy, and that it was Mr Amin who was the aggressor.