BOLTON Wanderers could still face punishment despite claiming to have filed their overdue accounts last night.

Club chairman Ken Anderson will announce this morning that the long-awaited financial information has now been passed on to Companies House, more than a year since it was first due.

The accounts, which take into consideration the final financial period under previous owner Eddie Davies, will be available for public viewing two to three days after submission by the club’s auditors Deloitte.

But a spokesperson for Companies House confirmed yesterday that a fine is still highly likely for Wanderers’ directors Ken Anderson and Dean Holdsworth.

“We are taking appropriate enforcement action to secure the filing of the overdue accounts. Our main aim is to secure compliance and bring the filing records up to date and we are taking the appropriate action to achieve this. Failure to deliver accounts on time is a criminal offence. All the directors of the company risk prosecution. On conviction, a director could end up with a criminal record and a potentially unlimited fine for each offence. This is separate from the civil penalty imposed on the company for late filing of accounts.”

Filing the accounting information - which is required by law for all companies in the UK - has proved problematic for Wanderers, with Anderson claiming on September 3 last year that they were “ready to go”.