A NEW Year reveller was raped by a taxi driver who had driven her home, a court heard.

A jury at Bolton Crown Court was told how Faizal Mohamed forced his way into the woman’s Deane flat after she had celebrated the arrival of 2016 with her friends in Bolton town centre.

Giving evidence from behind screens, the woman in her 50s told how she fled upstairs and into the first room she came to, her bedroom, where 31-year-old Mohamed, who remained silent throughout, pushed her down on to the bed, pulled down her underwear and raped her.

Michael Brady, prosecuting, told the court how the woman and two friends had spent New Year’s Eve 2015 at Downtown in Bradshawgate and then in the Venue club in Churchgate before ringing First Call taxis at 3.20am to take them home.

Mohamed arrived and dropped one of the women off at her home before driving the alleged victim and her pal to Deane.

Taxi driver Faizal Mohamed found not guilty of raping a woman in Deane

While the friend went into the flat, the woman paid the £4.50 fare, got out of the car and started walking to her front door.

“As soon as I touched the handle to close the door I felt a force on the door,” the woman said, who added that she fled up the stairs as Mohamed “barged” his way into the flat.

She said she headed for the first open door “just to go somewhere safe”.

“He was right behind me,” she added.

"I was just about to close the bedroom door and I thought, 'have I got time to to close it?; and he was right there."

The woman told the court that she told him to stop. “I’m telling him no and he is not listening,” she said.

“I was just in shock. It wasn’t even that long — I’d say about two minutes.”

Afterwards, she said he pulled up his trousers and ran back down the stairs without saying a word.

Mr Brady said that the woman’s friend, who had gone into the flat before her, heard her shouts of ‘”no” but did not intervene.

“Fearful of what was going on she stayed in the kitchen,” he added.

The alleged victim admitted she delayed calling police for two hours. “I think it was because of all I’d have to go through. At first I thought 'I can’t do that'," she said.

“But talking to my friend she said I have got to do it — he could do it to somebody else.”

Mohamed, of Blackburn Road, Haslingden, was arrested later the same day.

He admitted having sex with the woman but claimed it had been consensual.

Mr Brady added that he alleged the woman had been flirting with him when his car stopped outside her flat, she had given him a New Year kiss through his open car window and invited him into her flat. Mohamed, who has pleaded not guilty to rape, claims the woman performed a sex act on him before they had full sex.

But when she asked whether he would stay he refused, leaving immediately, saying he had to get back to work.

The woman denied suggestions by Joanna Rodikis, defending, that she had asked Mohamed to come into her flat and made her complaint to police because the sex had been “bad or disappointing” and she regretted it.

“I wouldn’t invite a stranger into my home,” she said.

The trial continues.