As the Great Ale bar in The Vaults celebrates its first anniversary on St Patrick’s Day, Bolton News reporter Daniel Holland went to test out some very special green beer..

HAVING grown very much accustomed to occupying the world of council meetings and hard hat tours of building sites, the task of tasting beer at my favourite town centre bar sounded like the ideal way to finish my working day.

Even if the beer looked more like the kind of own-brand limeade I remember drinking as a youngster...

Firstly, and just so you aren’t disappointed, the beer doesn’t actually come out of the tap as a gleaming emerald ale.

The unusual colour is down to some food colouring, expertly applied by the Great Ale bar staff.

But the good news for the bar’s loyal clientele is that the taste is just the same. It’s the top quality beer you’ve come to expect down in The Vaults, just with an added twist.

If you can get past the unusual green hue, then this is the perfect way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

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As we reported in yesterday’s paper, it is one year to the day since both Great Ale and Prezzo opened their doors to customers for the first time.

Everyone connected with the Market Place development deserves huge credit for the way it has succeeded in bringing more people into the town centre — and keeping them there.

And when we’re reporting on its second anniversary next year, I’m certain there will be plenty more to celebrate. Cheers!