RESIDENTS angry over a lack of action on fly-tipping in public areas have been urged to take Bolton Council to court.

Warren Fox wrote to council chief executive Margaret Asquith last week, threatening to apply for a Litter Abatement Order if several streets in Astley Bridge were not cleaned.

An order can be handed out by a magistrates’ court if a written complaint about long-standing litter problems to the landowner has been ignored.

The council has now sent a team to investigate the rubbish dumped in Holland Street, Holly Street, and Crocus Street.

The Liberal Democrat campaigner, who recently collected 102 bags of rubbish in Astley Bridge, said: “I would urge people to issue the council with these orders. The council is fundamentally failing its responsibility to keep the borough clean and tidy.

“I’ve had enough of being told litter is not an issue in Bolton. It de-values our area, and I’m prepared to fight to get them to do what they’re legally required to do, which is to keep Bolton clean.”

A council spokesman said: “The council has a duty to ensure its land and highways are, so far as is practicable, kept clear of litter and refuse. The council takes account of this requirement and has planned its street cleansing service, on land which it is responsible for, as effectively and efficiently within the resources available.

“The cleansing schedule is planned on population density, land use and local knowledge and areas are visited on either a 3, 8 or 18 week frequency.”