ANTI-FRACKING protesters blockaded the AE Yates site yesterday and two women were arrested.

The Bolton firm is responsible for building the controversial Cuadrilla site in Little Plumpton.

Reclaim the Power protesters arrived at 5.45am and some locked their arms into a reinforced pipe.

A specialist cutting team was called to disassemble the pipe, freeing protesters’ arms.

Rachel Weston, a spokesperson for the protesters, said: “We are showing that people are relentless. It’s very hard to be effective with action at the main site because of the security so we are picking points along the supply chain.”

Glen Kilroy, director of AE Yates, said: “They don’t really cause us any problems, we are quite happy for them to peacefully demonstrate but when they cease to peacefully demonstrate we call the police”.

A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police said two women, a 36-year-old and a 35-year-old were arrested on suspicion of wilfully obstructing a highway.

There was no suggestion by police the protest was not peaceful.

In 2016 AE Yates secured a £1.5million contract to build a shale gas exploration site for drilling firm Cuadrilla.

There have been a number of protests outside the firm in a bid to cause as much disruption to the fracking plans as possible.

Ms Weston added: “It’s about not letting them get away with it. They should expect resistance, what they are doing is dangerous ans destructive.”