A MAN who claims to be a former neighbour of the owner of the dogs involved in yesterday’s shooting drama has described how his family suffered.

Yesterday armed police shot and killed two dogs they described as 'Pit Bull type' animals after two people were bitten at Queens Park, Bolton.

Two other dogs were caught and, last night, officers were appealing for the public to be vigilant after a fifth animal remained on the loose.

A 38-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place and affray.

Yakub Adam, aged 45, says he used to live next door to the dogs and the behaviour of the animals eventually forced him to contact police.

After numerous complaints to the police and the council, the dog owner was evicted, said Mr Adam.

Mr Adam lives with his parents in Augustine Street, which backs on to Thorpe Street, where the dog owner used to live.

He said that it should not have had to come to people being injured and animals having to be shot as something should have been done sooner.

“The dogs were absolutely crazy,” he said. “They were always jumping up and down and barking constantly through the night. My children were always being woken and it just wasn’t good at all.”

Mr Adam also owns a property next door to the house in Thorpe Street and was afraid to go into his own back yard for fear of attack.

He said: “I had a painter come round to paint the back once but he refused to do the job because he was too scared that the dogs would attack.

“It got to a point where we were scared to go outside at all.”

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WARNING: Video shows content some viewers may find upsetting


Mr Adam, who lives with his 70-year-old father and 66-year-old mother, said: “After making several complaints to the police and council and also keeping a weekly report and submitting it to the council they finally got rid of him from the property.”